Join Community Food Connections today to make a difference in the health, economy, environment and vitality of your community.


Enjoy the outdoor Phoenix Public Market on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings?

Like the idea of our children getting fresh, local fruits and vegetables at their school cafeterias?

Think it’s a good thing for your community and the economy to foster small businesses and give them an outlet?

Wish we all had nutritional services to make sure our children and low-income families have access to fresh and nutritional food?

Think low-income people should have the same access to healthy food as everyone else?

Think we all should have access to local farmers?

ALL DONTATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Join today to help revitalize your community by supporting Community Food Connections’ work to:

  • Support the Phoenix Public Market which adds to the revitalization efforts and provides opportunity for neighborhood businesses
  • Connect school children through school cafeterias with farmers and farm-fresh foods which provides healthy, nutritious and delicious local food
  • Support the local economy by giving micro-businesses a start
  • Help low-income families purchase fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • Promote nutritional services at farmers’ markets
  • Sustain Arizona’s agricultural bounty and heritage
  • Help local farmers and producers bring you the highest quality and freshest product available